Meet Leona


Welcome.  I’m grateful you’re here. If you are feeling overwhelmed or conflicted or don’t know which direction to go in, we can work together to connect your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors to bring about meaningful change toward a more fulfilling life. I truly want to know and understand you, and will listen to your story with heart and empathy. While validating your feelings and experiences, I am committed to treating you with dignity, and respect in a warm, comfortable and non judgmental atmosphere.

My counseling style is relaxed, holistic and supportive as you control the pace and focus of our work. As your therapist, I am passionate about developing a trusting relationship and helping you discover your strengths and skills to confidently reorganize, recover and start a new beginning.

Counseling is my second career. After many years in the business world, I was unfulfilled and realized that my strength is in helping others. I returned to school and earned a Masters of Social Work degree from Columbia University. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and rediscovered my joy. Now I look forward to helping you find your joy and happiness by overcoming obstacles you’re facing in your life.

As a hospice social worker for many years, I honed my skills providing therapeutic support to clients experiencing life transitions, anxiety, depression, anticipatory grief, as well as, grief and loss.  I have strengthened my therapeutic skills and support while working with an organization dedicated to the physical and emotional well-being of veterans and their families.

In addition to clinical work, I am Certified Care Manager. A dedicated advocate toward improving the quality of life for elders and clients with chronic illnesses and disabilities by developing a plan of care that maximizes a client’s independence and autonomy while ensuring their safety and well being.